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We are proud to offer the best-loved learn-to-read program for children ages 3-8.

Subscriber FAQ

What are the details of the subscription I signed up for when I purchased a subscription from Hooked on Phonics?

We’d be happy to refresh you on the details of the program! Log in to your account to review the subscription price, upcoming shipment previews (if your subscription includes physical product), or cancel your subscription 24/7.

My circumstances have changed . How do I cancel my Hooked on Phonics subscription?

We understand if you’ve changed your mind and wish not to continue as a subscriber. Please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot continue with us, so we can stop shipments ASAP. Log in to your account to manage your subscription 24/7.

Have additional questions or need personal assistance?

Call 1-888-605-5055 (M-F 9AM – 6PM Eastern) or email