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Thank You Hooked on Phonics!

I have been a teacher for over 20 years now. I have used Hooked on Phonics for allot of that time for teaching. Over the years Hooked on Phonics has gone above and beyond to always make the products better and come out with even more products to make teaching easier for me. I am now a kindergarten teacher and a toddler teacher. I love that you have products that I can teach with easily but also products that are safe for the children. I love how I can log in and see new ideas for teaching. So, I raise a glass to Hooked on Phonics and say thank you for making my job so much easier. Have a blessed day and just know you are important to so many people!  Stacey O.,  Kindergarten Teacher

Thank You Hooked on Phonics!

Wonderful Learning Tool!

I have been using it with my 3-year-old daughter. She loves it. Every evening she would ask to play “Hooped on Phonics”. She is making big progress in reading and enjoying it more than any other reading activity. We haven’t experienced any glitches. The app works very well for us. It’s worth the money! There was a time where it got too repetitive and boring, but after a couple of weeks she asked to play it again and things moved on. Our favorite part is music! All songs are incredibly well done! Listening to the song for the next lesson is the biggest reward for my daughter. Great quality material altogether. I look forward to watching my daughter’s progress. !  Olchikik,  parent & Android app user

Wonderful Learning Tool!

This program is this best program I have used!

This program is this best program I have used. Thanks to hooked on phonics my daughter was reading at the age of 4 on a second-grade level and now in gifted classes in her school. My 2-year-old son also is beginning to read all thanks to this program. I am so grateful for how easy, effective and intriguing the material is. Thank you hooked on phonics! Mommy’s can’t go wrong with this product!  Toya C.,  parent

This program is this best program I have used!

The Learn to Read app is easy, affordable, and effective!

“Mom, I love ‘Phonics’. It has so many jammin’ songs.” I cannot say enough about this app. First, it focuses on ending sounds and blending in a sensible order. It doesn’t let you unlock sections before you have completed the intro song(s). My kid loves the songs and after just a few weeks, we have a reader! Love love love this app. Easy, affordable, and effective!  Brandi B.,  parent

The Learn to Read app is easy, affordable, and effective!

Kindergarten Ready!

We have absolutely loved our experience with Hooked on Phonics and my little one has been excited to do her “school work.” We will certainly be kindergarten ready! Thank you for such an amazing program! @memejane18,  parent

Kindergarten Ready!

Better Late Than Never!

My son started kindergarten this year and after the first 9 weeks, we were informed that he was having a lot of trouble with his letters and letter sounds. We received hooked on phonics in the mail the end of November and started with the first book. We have gradually started working with both red books (Pre-K level) and now also including the first purple book (Kindergarten level).

I help his teacher every Tuesday and it just so happened she tested him to see where he was with his letters while I was there. After testing him she called me over and said she has seen a massive improvement.

This program helps parents have a structured program when it comes to helping your child. I never really worked with him before school because I did not know where to begin. I wish I would have thought of this when he was around four so he could have had a head start. Better late than never. @littlemansmama2012,  parent

Better Late Than Never!

Great Reading Foundation!

I purchased my first Hooked on Phonics in 1991, having no children, because I believed in the product. After having my beautiful daughter, I worked with her and she’s an excellent reader. She never had any problems through her school years.

I just purchased the newest version of the Learn to Read Program and will use it with various students and family members. Thanks Hooked on Phonics for the foundation of reading!

P.S. Parents, it takes a team to make anything work to its full potential. This program is EXCELLENT! Cynthia B.,  teacher and parent

Great Reading Foundation!

This program works great!

My son is so excited about learning from it. He pops in the DVD and watches it himself. By the time we sit to do an activity, I don’t even have to help him. He reads the words and stories by himself and the extra activities online adds to his excitement. No regrets here! Thank you for a great and easy to use program!  Anika A.,  mother of one

This Program Works Great!

Thank You!

Thank you, Hooked on Phonics! My 5-year-old boy successfully completed the series and is reading like a BOSS! It’s amazing how much this helps!  Tammy H., Homeschool Mom

Thank You!

Awesome App!

I’ve used this app for few years and my students love it. It’s engaging and because the activities are so diverse, even the younger students, with low work stamina, are able to complete them. Love, love, love Hooked on Phonics!  Anonymous Teacher

Awesome App!

Life Changing!

Life changing! I started with Pre-K and Kindergarten Levels and my 3-year-old son worked in those books and one day out of the blue he started reading! I decided to purchase the online app with lifetime membership too.

He’s 4 years old now and he completed all the lessons last month. His reading skills are amazing and we’re now working on grammar and reading big classic English books! He’s reading storybooks to his 3-year-old sister.

This is an amazing program and I highly recommend beginners to use the physical books and incorporate the digital app too! Thank you, Hooked on Phonics! You guys changed my life!   Fay Thomas, mother of two

Life Changing!

We have seen phenomenal results with Hooked on Phonics®!

I started my daughter Katie on the program when she turned three last May. Yesterday she turned four, and after using Hooked on Phonics just once or twice a week for the past year, she now reads better than most first- or second-graders! Whenever strangers heard Katie reading out loud, they always stopped and asked, “How old is she?” When they learned she wasn’t even four, they invariably expressed shock at how well she read for her age.

More importantly, Katie loves the Hooked on Phonics program…. I have to discourage people from calling our house between 8-8:30 a.m., since that is our Hooked on Phonics time, and Katie gets very upset if we miss our HOP time!

And she was so excited when she finished the Level 1 kit and moved on to Level 2 — we had to have a mini-celebration to mark the occasion!

Hooked on Phonics is a tried-and-true program that all but guarantees a child’s success.

Katie is now working her way through Level 2 and based upon the results we’ve seen so far, I have no doubt she’ll be reading at a second- or third-grade level before she even starts kindergarten!

Thank you for making such a fun and valuable tool available to parents and children!  Jennifer Logue, mother of Katie, age 4

We have seen phenomenal results with Hooked on Phonics®!

Hooked on Phonics is the best program ever.

Success has been measured by tons of smiles and hurrays here at the Dennis home, all thanks to Hooked on Phonics.

My son had just turned four and was off to a preschool program so he could get a little head start for kindergarten the following year. The preschool offered the Hooked on Phonics program in addition to its normal curriculum. Korben’s dad and I thought, “Why not?…It can’t hurt.” We signed him up. Within just a couple of weeks, Korben was coming home telling me, “I can read now, Mom, don’t worry.” I would just laugh.

My daughter Rebecca, who [was] struggling with [then third-grade reading], was sitting at the kitchen table doing homework…. She was struggling with a word. Korben looked over her shoulder and said “Tomorrow, TO-MOR-ROW. It says tomorrow Becca.” My husband and I stood there in shock! We instantly picked up the phone and called Hooked on Phonics. We purchased the program, and as soon as we received it we started working with Rebecca and Korben.

Now, Rebecca is in fourth grade and is on grade level with reading. Korben is in kindergarten and is his teacher’s “star reader,” reading on a second- to third-grade level. It has been amazing, and I always tell people that Hooked on Phonics was the best program ever and it really and truly works.

Thank you so much!!  Dee Dennis, mother of Korben and Rebecca

Hooked on Phonics is the best program ever.

Thanks, Hooked on Phonics! You rescued our little boy!

Last October Nathaniel’s kindergarten teacher called us for a conference because he was uncontrollable…. That is when we saw your advertisement! Frankly, it was an answered prayer.

We ordered the deluxe package and started it as soon as it arrived — just 20 minutes a night, but a very special 20 minutes, during which he curled up in our laps for his lesson each night. The Hooked on Phonics program is so beautifully thought out that we could just walk right through it. Thaniel loved it from the first moment, especially knowing that those boxes…were all for him!

Within a week of the program’s arrival, Thaniel was regularly getting gold stars every day for his exemplary behavior! His teacher was very impressed and applauded us for using Hooked on Phonics….

By December, the teacher noticed that while he was sounding out words, the other kids were just going on word recognition and could not handle bigger words. It is now June, he has finished the third box, and he is reading very smoothly now. But it is not only that. He is now so EAGER to learn — reading any signs or labels, following along when we read to him — because he WANTS to learn. He even gets out books he is not yet ready for, explaining that he wants to read them as soon as he can. Your poster system with the stars and the “I did it” stickers has also been a hit. He has a real sense of self-confidence now and is not afraid of going to school. He is going to hit first grade in September with a running start!

We just started the math program, and we can already see how much he enjoys it!

Thanks, Hooked on Phonics! You rescued our little boy! Anita and Jonathan, parents of Nathaniel

Thanks, Hooked on Phonics! You rescued our little boy!

Thank you for helping me go from the mother who couldn’t help her child learn to read to the mother of the best reader in his class.

I could tell Noah was a bright boy and often would pick up books and pretend to read them. As I watched him do this week after week, month after month, I thought it was a good pre-reading activity.

One day he came to me and asked me to tell him how I read the words on the page. Honestly, I didn’t know how to begin or how to explain it so his young mind could understand. I sent him away promising him that he would learn when he went to school. That clearly was not the answer he was looking for, and I could see the disappointment in his eyes.

As he walked away I felt disappointed in myself as his parent. I couldn’t believe that I was powerless to help him. Then, I saw your Hooked on Phonics commercial. I bought the program and told my son that it would be arriving in the mail and it would teach him to read.

He waited daily and was so excited when it arrived. It was easy for me as a parent to use this with my son, and very soon the payoff was evident. He was reading! He was so overjoyed and read to everyone. The hard part was getting him to put Hooked on Phonics away. And when he did put it away, he would rush to the computer to play the computer games. Noah finished the Hooked on Phonics program in about seven months. When he went to sign up for kindergarten this year, he read for his teacher. (He also did some math from your “Hooked on Math” program.) They immediately put him into first grade! We are so thrilled with your program and are starting it with our other son who is 4 1/2-years-old. He also is already reading Level 1 books!

We have tried other programs that claim to work, but my children have gotten bored with those programs within one to two lessons. The kids love the reward stickers they get at the end of their lessons. They love the computer games and the illustrations in the books. The tapes help us parents and have a soothing, friendly voice that the children love.

I have my first son, Noah, using Hooked on Phonics “Master Reader,” and he is amazing his teachers once again with his ability to read well above his grade level.

Thank you for helping me go from the mother who couldn’t help her child learn to read to the mother of the best reader in his class.  Melanie, mother of Noah

Thank you for helping me go from the mother who couldn't help her child learn to read to the mother of the best reader in his class.

Our experience with Hooked on Phonics has been so life changing.

Our experience with Hooked on Phonics has been so life changing that it warrants telling someone.

My first-grader, Biz (Elizabeth Ann), was a student at a small private school last year for kindergarten. She was deemed very bright and a joy to have in class by her teacher. However, at the end of the year she was unable to identify most of her letters and almost no sounds.

We were obviously shocked and did not know what to do. I began researching other schools in the area and having her evaluated just to be certain it wasn’t a developmental issue…. We ultimately decided to homeschool her for first grade to give her the extra attention we felt she needed. We began researching curricula to use in teaching her to read.

We looked at many pricey systems recommended by various reading specialists and purchased several. I began studying the complex methods I would have to teach. Around this time (thankfully) my bubbly, dimpled little girl was watching TV and she saw a Hooked on Phonics ad. She lit up and said “Mommy, that’s it — the thing on TV — come look!”

How could we say no?

She is now reading, and she believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is because of [Hooked on Phonics]. She loves her books and revels in the “big girl chapter books.” It is great to see her grin and giggle as she reads….

We were going to have her tested again this summer by a reading specialist at Kluge Children’s Hospital, but we are canceling the appointment. She doesn’t need it.

The Hooked on Phonics process is logical, sequential, and rewarding for both teacher and student. It is flawlessly put together…. It allows customization for each child while teaching a thorough phonics program. I did the research and I am glad we went with Hooked on Phonics.

Thank you. Valerie, mother of Elizabeth Ann

Our experience with Hooked on Phonics has been so life changing.