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Hooked On Spelling

Hooked on Spelling Essential Program ages 5-8 When your child develops the necessary skills for proficient spelling, it naturally leads to more confident reading and writing. Spelling is a cornerstone for educational growth, and Hooked on Spelling will help your child master it!


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Hooked on Spelling Essential Program ages 5-8

Hooked on Spelling will help your child develop a solid foundation in spelling rules and patterns because it was designed with the knowledge of how kids learn best: by combining fun, computer-based lessons with workbook practice and real-world activities.

Developed by educators and teachers, Hooked on Spelling Essential features:

• Easy-to-understand spelling instruction and practice, for steady progress and confidence-building rewards

• Fun, interactive spelling games available to download onto your computer via hookedonspelling.com, so learning to spell won’t be a chore, but something your child will actually enjoy!

• Family-time spelling games and activities, building skills every step of the way

Hooked on Spelling Makes Spelling Fun

The fun and easy way to teach your child to spell, Hooked on Spelling’s 20-minute lessons teach your child the critical spelling fundamentals, everything you need for steady growth, including:

• Beginning and ending consonant sounds

• Rhyming word families

• Beginning and ending blends

• Short vowels vs. long vowels

• Blends vs. non-blends

• Sounds of “y”

• Plurals & singulars

• Irregular words

Try Hooked on Spelling risk-free for 30 days! Let’s get your child started spelling more confidently today!

System Requirements: Windows 2000 or later. Mac OS X v. 10.5 or earlier.

3 reviews for Hooked On Spelling

  1. Better than advertised. It works. It works great. Not much more to add.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Hooked on Phonics is amazing!!!
    I am so happy to have Hooked on Phonics. My parents used it on me and now I can use it for my daughter.

  3. 5 out of 5

    I love the Hooked on Spelling program. Just started it with my daughter and it is amazing. The computer program introduces the words and gradually challenges the children more. Then you start the workbook to further solidify the lesson. I especially like how much tactile learning there is. They have to manipulate a cursor, type on a keyboard, and practice writing. For my five year old, this is amazing. My only disappointment is that there are only two levels to this program. I wish they produced more!

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