Marley: Marley Learns a Lesson

Marley Learns a Lesson

Marley: Marley Learns a Lesson

Story by John Grogan
Illustrated by Richard Cowdrey and Rick Whipple

Marley has two new friends in the house—the new kittens, Lucky and Yow-Yow! As the king of the castle, Marley enjoys showing the kittens a few life lessons. Marley shows the kittens where to wait for Cassie to come home from school and where not to sniff, like Baby Louie’s diaper! The kittens show Marley a few things, too, like how to pounce and how to scratch. But when Marley is scared by a thunderstorm, he may find that he doesn’t know everything just yet. Will the kittens have one more important lesson to show their pal Marley?

Look at the cover of the book together . Ask your child to guess what they think the kittens may be teaching Marley in the story?

Discussion Questions

  • Marley was a great friend to his kitten friends! What three things did Marley teach Lucky and Yow-Yow how to do?
  • When the kittens taught Marley things, it all seemed to go wrong. Why were the kitten lessons not suited for Marley?
  • Like most dogs, Marley was afraid when the storm passed by. What did the kitten do to make him feel better?
  • At the end of the story, what was the best lesson the kittens taught Marley?

This a pretty straightforward story and the illustrations are adorable and truly tell the story. Make sure that your child uses the pictures to help them piece the story together but they should be reading the story