Katie Fry Private Eye: The Lost Kitten

Katie Fry Private Eye the Lost Kitten

Katie Fry Private Eye: The Lost Kitten

Written by Katherine Cox
Illustrated by Vanessa Brantley

Katie Fry may be little, but she’s got a big brain, and she uses it to solve mysteries. So when she finds a very cute, VERY lost kitten named Sherlock, she decides to take his case. Can Katie track down the clues to find Sherlock’s home?

Beginning readers will love hunting for clues in the art right along with Katie and Sherlock!

Look at the cover with your child. Ask your child what he knows about private eyes and solving mysteries. If these concepts are new to your child, see if he can figure out what they mean by the end of the book.

Discussion questions:

    • What mystery is Katie solving in this book?
    • What are some tools you might use if you want to be a private eye?
    • How did Katie figure out that Sherlock was someone’s pet?
    • Who is a witness? What does it mean to be a witness?
    • What clue does Katie find that helps her figure out where Sherlock lives?
    • Did you know? Sherlock is also the name of one of the most famous detectives of all time, Sherlock Holmes. Do you think Sherlock will be a good helper to Katie?


As you look for new books for your emerging reader, try introducing new genres to find and grow her interests. After mysteries, give fantasy, sci-fi, or realistic fiction a try.