Have you downloaded and logged into the App yet? If not, please begin here:

Download the Hooked on Phonics App to your mobile device or computer by tapping the appropriate link below: 

Select Get or Install depending on your app store. 

Once the app is downloaded, open the app. Select YES when asked if you have an existing Hooked on Phonics Account. 

Enter the email address used to make the purchase and the password provided at checkout (or in your confirmation email), tap Sign in. 

If the learner details were added in the checkout process, you will see their names here. To begin, select PLAY. If you did not add a learner at checkout, you can add one now by selecting Add a new learner. 

Please note: You can add or remove Learners anytime while your subscription is active.  Also, you can add additional learners directly from the app by navigating to the adult menu (teal circle in the upper right-hand corner of the main screen) and selecting Learner Profiles. Your subscription allows for up to three separate profiles. 


Now that the App has been downloaded, let’s get started:

Our App + Practice Pack program follows a Learn/Practice/Read/Celebrate approach:

Learn in the App, practice with interactive activities in the App and workbooks, read the physical storybooks (or e-books) and celebrate success with rewards, stickers, and certificates.

At the top of each page in the workbook, you’ll see headers that match each phase of this process. We recommend completing each Step in the App before completing the corresponding Lesson in the workbook. When you come to the pages that prompt you to “Read,” you and your child can read the book together (For Pre-readers) or your child will read it all on their own (Hooray!).

The games in the Game Room will unlock automatically as your child progresses through the program. We always suggest that your child enters and completes each Step within the App by tapping the oval play button in the center of the reading portal. This will ensure they go through the App properly and master each skill before moving onto the next.

If you’d prefer, the Game Room can be unlocked by navigating to the Parent Menu (teal circle in the upper right-hand corner of the main screen). Choose Learner Profiles, Edit User, and change the Game Room visibility to visible.

Here’s a breakdown of steps by grade level:

Steps 1-12 – Pre-K


Learn to Read
Steps 1-6 – Kindergarten

Steps 7-12 – Kindergarten/1st Grade transition

Steps 13-18 – 1st Grade

Steps 19-30 – 2nd Grade

We’re here to help!

If your current Practice Pack isn’t the perfect fit, please reach out to us for assistance adjusting your next shipment. Chat with us or call us at 1-888-605-5055, Monday through Friday, 10 am–4 pm ET.

You can manage your subscription, update payment method and preview shipments in your online dashboard. To access your account 24/7, simply visit Your Account Dashboard and enter your email address and password under Manage Your Subscription (note, your password will not be the same as your App password). If you have never logged in before, tap Forgot Password to have a password reset email sent to you.