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The updated Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read program aligns with the most current Common Core Standards for Reading Foundational Skills for Kindergarten through Second Grade, including:

  • Concepts of Print
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Letter-Sound Correspondence
  • High-Frequency Word Recognition

The current version has many layers to appeal to a variety of learning styles:

  • Visual learners: will benefit from videos that illustrate the concepts as well as workbooks that allow children to follow along as they watch
  • Auditory learners: will enjoy silly, sing-along songs to help children remember new concepts
  • Physical (Kinesthetic) learners: benefit from flash cards and suggestions for off-the-page activities using real world objects

It’s fun! The videos are silly and entertaining. The songs are silly and catchy- they make the kids want to dance. And the program is set up so that the child is rewarded at every step along the way.

The Learn to Read App + Practice Packs program features the Hooked on Phonics App, which allows kids to learn how to read on smartphones, tablets and computers (just about anywhere) with those awesome songs, videos and interactive games and e-books, as well as hands-on materials mailed to your door each month, including workbooks, 2-3 storybooks and stickers to celebrate progress. This variety of materials is perfect for modern families. A mix of convenient technology and hands-on learning for aspiring readers.

The Learn to Read Boxed Kits includes a complete curriculum, with DVDs (featuring those fun videos), robust workbooks, a library of 36 storybooks – some written by award-winning authors – that were custom-created for the purpose of setting your child up for reading success, and stickers and certificates to track progress köpa priligy.

It’s always a great idea to talk with your child’s teacher about how you are using Hooked on Phonics with your family. Most teachers are thrilled to hear children are getting an additional source of reading instruction to fill in any gaps and/or provide powerful tools to get ahead. Over 5 million families and thousands of schools have used our programs for more than 25 years. The current Hooked on Phonics program is aligned with educational standards for all 50 states.

The Learn to Read program was not designed for English language learners, since one must be fluent in English to identify images by their English names in order to complete activities. However, we have heard from English as a Second Language families and students that using the program helped improve their reading and writing as their English skills progressed pharmacieinde.com.

Both the App + Practice Packs and Learn to Read Boxed Kits start at the Pre-Reader level, introducing letter names and letter sounds as a foundation for reading, so your child does not need to know their letter names or letter sounds to begin. Fun songs, simple stories and practice activities will solidify your child’s skills around recognizing letters and their sounds as they master the alphabet.

Hooked on Phonics was not designed specifically for children with learning disabilities, yet we hear from many families that it has been an effective tool for teaching children with a wide range of learning challenges, including autism, dyslexia, and sensory processing disorders. For some children, the repetition, songs and pattern of learning are a great fit. We encourage parents to give the program a try with a low cost trial to see how it works for their child(ren). If it’s not a fit, we will stand by our money-back guarantee if you contact us within 30 days of purchase. Also feel free to join and ask questions in our Facebook Group specifically for Families using Hooked on Phonics with Children with Learning Challenges. 

Yes. The Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read App systematically teaches the following Common Core Reading Foundational Skills for Kindergarten:

  • Concepts of Print
  • Phonological awareness
  • Letter-Sound Correspondence
  • High Frequency word recognition

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Hooked on Phonics is a powerful program for children who are just starting to learn letter names and letter sounds (approximately Pre-K or age three), and children who are struggling (or need a little boost) to master reading skills all the way through early 2nd grade. Our Learn to Read boxed kit program runs a bit longer, through the end of 2nd grade, while the App and App + Practice Packs program runs through early 2nd grade.

If your child has not yet mastered the alphabet and letter sounds, our Pre-reader section is the right place to begin. Both our App + Practice Packs and our Learn to Read boxed kits begin at the Pre-K level. You may start your child at any level of the program you deem appropriate, as well. Here is a general guide to how approximate grade levels match up with our App and Practice Packs:

When you open the Hooked on Phonics App for the first time, swipe right on the white arrows to be taken to our Pre-Reader (Big Reading Show) section. You’ll see a red curtain background; tap the Big Reading Show curtain and several tickets will appear. Your child can complete these “tickets” in any order, but you’ll want to move from first to last if you plan to use Practice Packs with your child for hands-on practice, as the packs coordinate with the App steps in order.

Apple Devices:
iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S and 5C, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), iPads, and iPad minis. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Android Devices:
All Android devices running these operating systems: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, Android 4.4.3 KitKat, Amazon Fire OS 3.0 Mojito.

Mac and PC Desktop Computers:

You can use the Hooked on Phonics App on laptop and desktop computers here. Log in to the For Parents menu using the email address you used to purchase.


You can download the Hooked on Phonics app via the Google Play Store on select Chromebooks. To see if your device is compatible with our app and additional information, please tap here. All devices labeled as “Stable Channel” can access our app.

The Hooked on Phonics App uses the same proven teaching methods as the Hooked on Phonics boxed kits (workbooks, storybook and DVDs). The content is similar in nature and shares some songs and storybooks.  The interactive games and many e-books, as well as the skill and progress tracking, however, are unique to the App experience.

Our App is appropriate for children who are just starting to learn their letters and letter sounds (Pre-reader) through early Second-grade readers. Our physical Learn to Read products are geared toward children from Pre-reader through the end of 2nd-grade reading levels. In addition, the app covers more sight words and has a library of 36 leveled e-books that are only available within the app. These e-books were written to correspond to the sounds and words being taught in each of the lessons, so the e-books are 100% decodable to children who have completed the lessons. Thus, the eBook library gives children, even more, practice reading and more opportunities for success, which helps to boost their self-confidence and pride as readers suivant.

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For Current Hooked on Phonics Users

If it’s taking too long to download, or if the download fails, please completely delete the app from your device and move as close as you possibly can to your Wi-Fi signal. Try to avoid using your Wi-Fi for other processes during the App download process. It could also help to change your Auto-Lock Setting to 15 MINUTES, to prevent your device going to “sleep” during the download, which could cause a disruption. Then try downloading the App again. The download should be quick when the Wi-Fi signal is strong and the other factors are eliminated köpa priligy.

First, please be certain that the volume is turned up and the mute function has not been turned on.

If you’ve been running several apps, there might be a conflict if more than one uses sound. Please close all open apps (including Hooked on Phonics) and re-launch Hooked on Phonics.

Assuming your sound settings are ok, An error with sound may have resulted from an incomplete download min feedback her. To fix it, please delete the app from your device and re-download it. Your progress will be saved, simply log in again after re-downloading from the For Parents menu. For issues with downloading, see FAQ: The App is taking a long time to download.

First, determine the source of your subscription. If you subscribed directly through our website (a relatively new, revamped one and which was fished from Spamzilla), you’ll be able to manage your subscription through your Hooked on Phonics account Dashboard.

If you purchased your subscription from the App Store on your device, or from Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation), you will need to manage your subscription through your App Store Subscriptions section:

On Apple mobile devices:

1.    From the Home screen, tap App Store

2.    Tap Featured from the menu at the bottom

3.    Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap your Apple ID. If you don’t see your Apple ID, tap Sign In and enter your information. Then tap your Apple ID

4.    Tap View Apple ID

5.    If prompted, enter your password and tap OK

6.    On the Account Settings screen, scroll down and tap Manage App Subscriptions

7.    Tap the subscription you want to manage

8.    Use the options to manage your subscription. You can choose a different subscription length or turn off Auto-Renewal.


On an Apple computer:

1.    Open iTunes >

2.    If you’re not signed in, go to Store > Sign In and enter your information >

3.    Go to Store > View Account. If prompted, enter your password and then click View Account >

4.    On the Account Information page, scroll to the Settings section >

5 indegenerique.be.    Click Manage to the right of Subscriptions >

6.    Choose the subscription you want to manage >

7.    Use the options to manage your subscription. You can choose a different subscription length or turn off Auto-Renewal.

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