Master Reader Premium Edition

The Master Reader Premium Edition is designed for:

  • Children ages 7 to 9

Hooked on Phonics Master Reader Premium Edition teaches advanced phonics skills in fun, interactive ways! New readers’ skills can’t always keep up with their enthusiasm to read. That’s why we created Hooked on Phonics Master Reader. The Premium Edition is designed especially for children ages 7 to 9 who have mastered basic reading skills but need help to read with speed, accuracy, and confidence. This Hooked on Phonics® program teaches kids how to break down large words into parts so they can read more fluently and spend less time and effort sounding out each word. Hooked on Phonics Master Reader uses a balanced approach that pairs systematic instruction with engaging stories and books. Reading success is guaranteed because each lesson is supported with fun practice activities and child-appealing reading materials. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Learn advanced phonics skills with engaging Hooked on Phonics® lessons.
  • Practice new skills with fun, interactive computer games.
  • Read amazing and exciting stories in Hooked on Phonics chapter books—for independent reading and reading out loud—to showcase new skills.

What You Learn:

  • Blue Level - Your child gains confidence right from the start by learning how to break down and sound out compound words. Each progressive Hooked on Phonics® lesson becomes more challenging, building on the reading skills he has mastered.
  • Green Level - Your child’s reading skills progress to include two- and three-syllable words with long vowel sounds, like tiger and silent, as well as words with similar patterns, such as apple and candle, andnation and discussion.


We tested the Hooked on Phonics® Master Reader program with kids to be sure they love the interactive computer games, the 32 attention-grabbing stories, and the exciting Strange Museum chapter book series. Now you can give your kids the confidence to read anything!

Master Reader Premium Edition
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