NEW! Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read - Kindergarten-Second Grade

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For ages 4 to 8.

Hooked on Phonics’ Learn to Read program was carefully developed and designed for children of all needs, whether just learning to read, struggling to read or simply wanting to become more proficient readers.

Working with our team of leading educators, award-winning authors and artists, teachers, and parents just like you, we’ve developed the new Learn to Read to help your child become a confident reader – with a lifelong love of learning -- in just minutes a day. 

Each step builds on the one before, incorporating decades of research on how we naturally learn to create a learning experience that’s fun and exciting, and one both parents and children will enjoy. The comprehensive Learn to Read program delivers everything you need to help your child:

  • Build skills seamlessly, throughout key stages of development. Designed for children 4 - 8 years of age, Learn to Read creates a foundation for learning and continues to build upon it, boosting your child’s reading skills systematically as your child grows (Kindergarten through 2nd grade).  

  • Discover the fun of learning, and you experience the joy of helping your child grow. When learning is fun, your child will take to it like play. Learn to Read features attention-grabbing games, colorful cards, toe-tapping music and more, unlocking the world of learning and reading in a fun & magical way.  
  • Learn to Read in just minutes a day.  Though today’s modern parents are busier than ever, Learn to Read is designed to fit your busy life.  Just 15-20 minutes a day, a few days each week is all you’ll need to transform your child into a confident and skilled reader.  

  • Achieve Guaranteed Success. Hooked on Phonics guarantees dramatic results because we know it works. Your child will show significant improvement in reading skills and greater confidence in 30 days --- or your money back! We’re the industry leader and the first name in reading, with a 98% customer satisfaction rate, because Learn to Read really works!  

    How the Learn to Read Program Works

    The award-winning Learn to Read program builds your child’s reading skills with reading lessons that take 20 minutes or less, systematically leading them through the different stages of reading development:
  • Learn
    Your child learns new letters, sounds & words by watching our fun & interactive DVD’s. 

  • Practice
    Your child then practices using our engaging companion workbooks, specially designed to make reading fun and to reinforce what they’ve just learned.

  • Read
    Using the words your child just practiced, they read on their own from a library of beautifully illustrated story books from award-winning authors.

    Watch the video of "The Big Pig Song" and see how it reinforces the short i sound.

    Watch the Visual Phonics video and see how it teaches -ad words.

    Watch the Visual Phonics video, and see how it teaches ch-, sh-, and other sounds.

    See a behind the scenes video of the making of the Learn to Read program.

    Click here to see other videos about the Learn to Read program.

    See What Parents Are Saying About the Learn To Read Program

    Hooked on Phonics has helped over 2 million families over the past 20 years. Here are some clips of how Learn to Read has helped other children:

    Find out why Kate choose Hooked on Phonics

    Learn to Read Online Access

    And now, successful reading is faster than ever with Hooked on Phonics' exclusive online access to games, downloadable worksheets, interactive progress tracking, book recommendations and more.

    Learn to Read Kindergarten Complete
    Learn to Read First Grade Complete
    Learn to Read Second Grade Complete

    24 Storybooks 
    6 Celebrated Author Storybooks
    6 workbooks 
    6 DVDs 
    Quick Start Guide 
    6 sets of stickers 
    Access to online Learn to Read experience for each lesson and unit
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  • NEW! Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read - Kindergarten-Second Grade
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