Let's get started with your first Practice Pack!

You'll receive your first pack any day now!
If you have not already open it up and you will find:

Your first Workbook, which guides you through Level 1 in the
Big Reading Show Pre-K program

Celebration Stickers to reward reaching milestones in the WorkBook

Flashcards to use for hands-on activities outlined in your Workbook

2 Storybooks specifically written to reinforce this level's lessons

Discussion Questions about each storybook designed to strengthen
reading comprehension

Tips & Ideas for how to extend your child's learning at home

Before sitting down with your child we recommend you
take a minute to read through the Tips for success on the
inside cover of the Workbook and the easy-to-understand
Lesson Overview on page 2-3.This Overview will preview
the approach the program will use and the letters our child
will learn in this level. You'll also see parent tips throughout
the workbook

1. Make sure your child has completed the first lesson in the app:
Explorer Day and you feel confident in their ability to name the
letters Bb and Dd and recognize the Bb and Dd sounds. The workbook
will show the Explorer Day icon,So your child will know which level
coincides with each section of their workbook

2. Set up your Child's reading area with : Crayons
or colored pencils in a variety of basic colors,
extra paper for additional writing practice and
a quiet spot to sit and write

3. Get Started! You'll want to sit with your child as they
begin each activity and check in periodically to make
sure they are understanding the instructions as they
progress throgh each Workbook section.They will need
your assistance for some interactive activities (flashcard
activities, for example) and some they'll be able to complete
independently.You know your child best and how much
attention they'll need to stay focused

You'll receive a new pack like this monthly, with brand new
materials that correspond to levels in the App. Instructions
for the parent will always be included at the front of the
Workbook to make it easy to get started. We encourage
you to move at your child's pace to keep them engaged and
avoid frustration, We can't wait to celebrate your child's reading
success with you!