Your Child has hopefully taken the App for a test drive now,and we
hope you're enjoying the ride! If not, now's a great time to get started,
just in time for your first Practice Pack to arrive, If you've had any
trouble getting started, email us or send a message to our Facebook Page.

One of the most important things you can do as a parent to solidify
the skills your child is learning with the app and the Practice Packs
is to make connections between the work they are doing with Hooked
on Phonics and the real world.

If you've heard your little one singing the "B is for Bagpipes" song
from Explorer Day Level 1, For example, Sing along with them!
Then ask them to point out other things you see in your day
that also start with letter Bb.'

Your Child will start to feel excited to see letters and words in the
world around them, boosting their confidence in the process of learning to read.

Don't forget to share your reading successes with us on Facebook
or Instagram! And share your additional ideas for making connections
to the real world with other Hooked on Phonics families in our Facebook Groups