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What’s included with your monthly phonics subscription:

Why Hooked On Phonics?

Add up to 3 students in the App

Manage your subscription from the dashboard

Connect with our U.S. based customer service team to answer any questions

30-day money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

The only true blended learning approach

The most trusted Learn to Read program for 35 years

“ Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

– Margaret Fuller

Hooked on Phonics starts out by asking a simple question:
Does your child recognize the letters of the alphabet and know the sounds the letters make?

You will have the ability to modify Practice Pack levels, if it’s not the perfect fit, within your dashboard.


If your child is just starting to learn the letters and their sounds, they should start with the Pre-reader section of the App and corresponding Practice Packs.

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Learn to Read

If your child knows the letters and their sounds, they should start with the Learn to Read section for the App and corresponding Practice Packs.

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The Story of Hooked on Phonics

The Hooked on Phonics story began in 1987 with a determined father and a boy whose reading struggles left him constantly begging to stay home from school. The father, John, was determined to help his son overcome his reading troubles, so he started by using the old-fashioned method of sounding out words.

The son had no idea what his father was doing as he tried to teach him this method of sounding out words. So quickly, it was time to try something different.

John wrote catchy jingles to accompany reading drills and developed an in-home learning program using phonics. To his delight, it worked! And the rest was history…

More than 35 years later, Hooked on Phonics is still the Gold Standard, household name for educational excellence. Today, more than 5,000,000 families and thousands of schools have turned to Hooked on Phonics to help their children and students reach their full potential.

Hooked on Spelling

Hooked on Spelling introduces learners to common spelling patterns through fun activities and game play, giving them a chance to practice their newly learned spelling skills.  Hooked on Spelling is now INCLUDED in your Hooked on Phonics subscription!

Hooked on Phonics uses a proven, simple and fun method to give your child a strong foundation in Phonics and reading skills. Each lesson takes 20 minutes or less.



New concepts are introduced through fun videos with catchy songs and interactive activities.



Hands on practice skills with interactive digital activities, puzzles and games, PLUS essential hands-on writing practice with new Practice Packs, shipped monthly.



Children put it all together to read physical storybooks and e-books specifically written to draw on the skills they have already learned, all by themselves.


Celebrate Success

Earn App rewards like funny characters and digital toys. Place star stickers in workbooks as lessons are completed. Then, fill out and share a certificate after each workbook!

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